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How to Change Region on Discord-In case you’re encountering a few issues with voice correspondence in Discord, that could generally be a direct result of your server area decision. At the point when you first make your Discord account, Discord for the most part consequently picks the voice server nearest to you when you join a server for the best execution; be that may, it is the “best” choice may not generally be the situation. Fortunately, clients are allowed to alter the area of their voice servers all they need, messing with the various settings until they locate the best performing alternatives. 

It is, be that as it may, not in every case quickly clear on the best way to change your voice server physically in Discord. You don’t know how to make sure to stay with us — we’re demonstrating how you can change things up in only two or three stages. 

Instructions tochange the discord server location


Changing your voice server is essential because the closer you physically are to the server, the less inactivity you’ll have. The less dormancy you have, the better the association you’ll have. This improves everything from reaction times to voice quality. In case you’re experiencing difficulty in one of these regions, or need to test, the procedure is snappy. 

Open up Discord and sign in to your record. At that point, pick the server in the left-hand section that you need to change the voice server on. Keep in mind, to improve the server. You have to either be the server proprietor or include a job inside a server where you have your director server authorisations empowered. On the other chance that both of these is valid, we can change the voice server area settings. +

  • To start with, click on the sliding bolt to open up your server choices. 
  • Next, click on the choice that says Server Settings. 
  • Presently, under the area that says Server Region, press the catch that says Change. This ought to be nearer to the right side of the application window. 

· At long last, pick an area that you think would nearest to your physical space. For my situation, this would be the US East. Be that as it may, on another chance that you live over in California or Washington state, you’d be in an ideal situation picking US West. You ought to get the thought — select what you think would be nearest to you. On the off chance that one ends up being slower than the other, you can generally go in, change the server area once more, and check whether your inactivity improves. 

Snap-on one of the voice server areas to spare your changes. A slick aspect regarding Discord is that, after you change a server, there will be not exactly a moment of voice disturbance. So, improving your server won’t demolish any continuous discussions at present occurring. 


In case you’re anticipating setting up another server on Discord, Discord makes it simple to pick the ideal voice server area for your server as it so happens. 

To begin, press the + button on the left-hand server route segment. At the point when the alternative shows up, press the Create a Server button. 

On the following screen, you’ll be approached to name your server, and afterwards select the Server Region. Press the catch that says, Change, and you’ll have the option to browse the rundown of voice server locales as we did previously. Snap-on the district that would be generally ideal, and the progressions are naturally spared. 

At long last, press the Create button. Welcome a few companions, perceive how the voice server works. If the dormancy is somewhat high, you can generally change the voice server area again by following the previous advances.

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