How to change my Discord password from PC? – Recovering your account

if we want login to our Discord account from PCand we have forgotten the credentials, we can always try to reset it and recover the information, for this, we resort to the help of the ‘Forgot my password’ button and follow the instructions.

While, in the case of wanting to change our password, we must go to the configuration of the website or desktop application, and enter the passwords and authentication section to sink ‘Change password’.


How can you change your Discord password?

Possibly not we are satisfied with our Discord passwordeither for security or because we choose to install Discord on different devices, either way, we can change our password from the application when we need it without much inconvenience.

To do this, you have to run the application, go to settings and look for the option we need, it is important to know the current password, that is, to change our password to a new one with which we are more comfortable.

This process cannot be carried out continuously, since it is the application may apply a freeze timeso it is recommended to only use it when necessary.

From the mobile app

With the mobile version we can run this process at any timeas a first step we must access the application configuration, on Android phones you have to look for a gear-shaped icon and press it, in the case of the iPhone, it is the icon of the three points that are found at the top left .

mobile app

Once we are located in this section, we enter the account and we will find the ‘Change password’ sectionat that point it is possible to press this option, thus a new section will open that will ask us to enter some data.

The current password and the new one, that’s the information that Discord asks us to be able to update this data, Once we enter all the data correctly, it is necessary to save the changes and in this way the process will be finished.

with your computer

When creating an account and logging into Discord from our computer, we must access the settings and look for the option to change password, doing this process is the same in the different operating systems whatever it is, first we place a gear-shaped icon in the lower left area of ​​the application.

After clicking on this icon a new section opens in which we look for the blue highlighted option called ‘Edit’ In this section you will find the option ‘Change password’, we click on it and write the passwords.

In the same way that in mobile devices we must enter the current password and after this the new one, After placing the data, click on the ‘Save’ option.

What data is needed to regain access to your Discord account if you forgot your password?

When it comes to recovering our account things are very different, to enter normally we must know our email and our passwordhowever, if we do not know our password we can still recover the account through mail.

necessary information

In case of make use of multiple emails and not remember what the email of our account is, it is necessary to try them all one by one or find out which one is correct, to do this we enter Gmail and look in the spam or notifications section for a message whose issuer is Discord.

There is a different method to reset our password, this is via the mobile phone number linked to the accountit is an effective option, since we will only be waiting for a text message with a series of numbers that will serve as a code to change the password.

What can you do to change your Discord password if you forgot it?

First of all, we must access Discord and enter the data that we knowin case of not knowing our password, we use our email, this process is different depending on the platform in which we are accessing Discord.

Still, as long as we keep a internet connection and our email account electronically, we will be able to change the password through a link that will be sent to it, in the same way, we can enter our phone number, this method is even simpler since it only requires copying the digits sent to the number linked with the bill.

With the Android or iOS mobile app

The procedure to be carried out through our mobile devices is simple, first we open the application and the option to log in will appear on the screen, we press there and enter the email address, but instead of entering the password we press just below this field the option ‘forgot my password’.

settings icon

Now in the new window we may need to re-enter our email, after doing this a new message will be sent to our account, so we exit the application and proceed to log in and enter our Gmail email account.

When we manage to locate this message open and click reset password, To finish, we enter the new password, save it and open Discord to access our account with the new password.

From the official Discord website

In case of trying to reset the password through our computer, we open a browser and access the official Discord website, at the top right is the option to log in, we carry out the same process and do Left click on the option ‘Forgot my password’.

If we enter our email the process is exactly the same as with mobile devices, We open the message in Gmail and enter the new password from this link without much problem.

On the other hand, if we enter our phone number, a different field to enter six digits, we must wait for the text message to arrive, which will include these numbers which we must copy or remember and write directly.

change discord password
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