How to cancel Discord Nitro [3 Ways Steps]

How to cancel Discord Nitro -Discord Nitro is a turbocharged version of Discord that offers extra benefits like HD streaming, more server features, custom emojis and other user bonuses. The feature is paid but occasionally offered for free in promotions for other services. Look How to cancel Discord Nitro to avoid unexpected charges.

cancel Discord Nitro
Discord Nitro has exclusive benefits (Image: Playback/Discord)


What is Discord Nitro ?

Discord Nitro is a feature that adds several extra functions to Discord servers and guarantees users bonuses such as avatars in gifs, custom emojis, the ability to define your tag, the ability to stream your game matches in 1080p and file uploads of up to 50mb .

Discord nitro cancel-How to cancel Discord Nitro on PC

While the extra features are nice, you may have several reasons to cancel Discord Nitro. After all, you may not have liked the service, not agree with the amount charged or maybe you have taken advantage of some offer period, subscribed to the service, and do not want to be charged after the trial period ends. Check out the step by-step:

Cancel Discord Nitro

How to cancel Discord nitro on iPhone subscription

  1. Log into your Discord account;
  2. Go to “User Settings;
  3. Select the “Signatures” field. The word is marked with the Nitro icon;
  4. Then check the “Cancel” option;
  5. Confirm. Discord will inform you that your benefits will be canceled at the end of the date stipulated when you signed up for the service.

How to cancel Discord Nitro on mobile

The procedure is practically the same as in the PC version:

  1. Log into your Discord account;
  2. Access the “User Settings” field;
  3. Then select “Manage Subscription”;
  4. Check the “Cancel” option;
  5. Confirm.

The rest of the procedure is similar to the desktop version.

It is worth remembering that if you subscribed to the service during a free promotion, it is possible to cancel Discord Nitro before the end of the term and keep the benefits until the end of the period without any charge.

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