How to add new friends on Discord from various devices

It is clear that Discord is a platform well known by many users, where we can perform a lot of functions such as sharing the screen of our PC. However, it has the most important function and for which it was created, which is achieve better communication.

Since Discord has been created to be able to chat with our friends, it is necessary to know how to add them. But, this can be a somewhat confusing process, where one might ask: How can we add new friends on Discord from multiple devices? Next we will show you how to achieve it.


Ways to be able to add friends who are not on the same server as me

It should be noted that Discord is a great tool to chat with your friends about any topic. In fact, once we add them we will be able to communicate with them more direct way or to be able to talk while they play, to be able to carry out this process you can do it through the website or by downloading the application.

Add it from your user profile

Once you are on the server, you just have to locate the friend to whom you want to send the friend request. Once you find it, right click on your friend’s profile, doing so will open a box where you will see his profile picture to make sure he is the right person. Then, on the image press where it says ‘View profile’

make new friends on discord

Then press the button ‘Send friend request’which is green. When you did it right you will see that in the box it will say ‘Friend request sent’; A key step that you can apply to make your friend accept you faster is to change your profile picture. With this, you will achieve that when your friend sees it, he will recognize you immediately.

How to add a person who is within the same server that I use?

If one of your friends is on the same server as you and you want to add them, you need to do the following:

Request your Discord tag

First of all, the most necessary thing you need to do to be able to add your friend is know your label. That is to say, a label is an option that Discord assigns to each user to identify themselves at the time of adding, you can ask your friend for said label through the server chat.

With username and DiscordTag

Once your friend sends you their tag you will see their username and their DiscordTag appear, where the username is their name and the DiscordTag is a special number.

For example: Enso#1234, then go to home and select the button that says ‘Friends’, click the green button that says ‘Add Friend’. Next, when you press it you will see a box appear, in this area insert your friend’s label, then select the ‘Send friend request’ button.

If the process was carried out correctly, a message with green letters will appear saying that the request has been sent. On the other hand, if it appears failed friend request re-enter your friend’s tag and make sure you’re not making any mistakes.

Where and how to get my Discord ID to share it with my friends?

If, on the other hand, one of your friends asks for your Discord ID, you will have to go to the bottom of the screen where your Discord name appears. In this part click on the settings buttononce we access we must look for the ‘Advanced’ option in the menu and in the section that says developer mode we activate it.

Then we leave the settings and go to the chat of our friends, position yourself on a message that you have sent in this chat. Then hover over your profile picture and right click on the photo where you will see a small list appear.

log in discord

Next, in this select ‘Copy ID’ and that’s it now you just have to paste it in the chat and send it. If you wish, you can create custom emojis that have your id to share it faster.

How to add friends using Neabry Scan on Discord?

In order to use this option you will have to enter the Discord application directly and go to the friends section where all your conversations appear. At the top press the + sign button or the add friends button, when entering we press the second option of ‘Scanning for Nearby’. Immediately a notification will appear and we will click on ‘Allow’.

In order to carry out the process it is necessary that the other user be by our side and that it has the accepted permissions. Upon meeting the requirements, they will be able to send the request where the option to accept it or not will appear.

How can I cancel a friend request that I sent in the wrong way?

If you made a mistake when submitting a request, you can cancel it by going to Discord home. Then, press the ‘Friends’ button, at the bottom you will see several options, select the one that says ‘Pending’. In this way, you will be able to see the list of all the people to whom you have sent the friend request, find the person you want to cancel and press the X that is on the right side.

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