How to add bots in Discord

How to add bots in Discord –O discord, chat software for gamers lets you add bots on your server, which improves the experience and add even more features. In addition to allowing audio, video and text conversations during gameplay, such additional programs may include missing functions that can be very useful even for non-gamers.

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A bot is software created by a third party that works with Discord thanks to to open API of the platform. Each bot can have a number of different features, which can be useful even for non-gamers looking for a more versatile software for audio, video and text conversations. A bot can range from including social functions to adding customization options, recording the audio of a conversation and more.

How to add bots in Discord

The default way to add a bot on Discord is through each app’s website, but to make the task less laborious, there’s the website Discord Bot List which lists all existing bots, and has filters to facilitate the search by name or theme.

  1. Access the Discord Bot List website Just access the website at the link Discord Bot List; Discord website screen
  2. Use website search In the field Search (Search), search by bot name, or don’t know, access the category buttons below the search bar;
  3. Invite and authorize the desired bot When you find the selected bot, click the button invite (Invite), to access the Discord authentication page. Some bots, like, are complete software, need to be installed, and may not be compatible with all systems on which Discord runs; How to add bots in Discord 002
  4. Authenticate On the authentication page, click the menu select a server and choose which private server the bot will be included in;
  5. Set the permissions given to the bot In Authorize the following permissions check or uncheck the functions you want the bot to control;
  6. Finish the process With everything ready, click Authorize.

With that, the bot will be added to your server and will add a series of new functions that will enrich your gaming experience and the conversations with your friends.

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