How to add a bot to a server in Discord Online

Discord messenger is a convenient way to communicate with different users. Having your own program server, you can install a chatbot in it to automate moderation, or perform any other actions. Server bots have great potential. You will learn how to add a bot to Discord on the server, and how to prepare for this operation, by reading this article.

how to add bot to discord server

How to add a bot to Discord on the server: step by step instructions

Robots on the Internet have long become causal, especially since they can perform quite a lot of functionality. Knowing which of them you want to add to your server, all that remains is to visit specialized sites where they “live”.

Here is the procedure for adding a bot to the server using the example of a popular resource on the Internet, DiscordBots. To add a bot, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the resource page, and enter its name in the search bar. This option is for those who already know the exact name.
  2. If you are looking for a bot by function, and select it from the categories, click on the item “View Tags”.
  3. Found a bot – click on its name.
  4. Look for the button on his page. “Invite”and click on it.

how to add a bot to the server in discord

After completing these steps, you will be redirected to the settings page for bot permissions. The list will contain only those servers that allow you to send invitations to them personally. There are a few simple steps left:

  1. Select the desired server from the list to which you can invite the bot.
  2. Check permissions for uploads.
  3. Click the button “Login”.
  4. Enter your credentials.
  5. The bot should appear on your server.

Note! Only users with administrator rights can add a bot to Discord to the server.

how to add bot to server in discord

Steps to add bots to Discord

Before you proceed with the procedure for inviting bots, check that you have permissions to do so. The fact is that only two categories of users have access to this functionality:

  1. Availability of administrator rights.
  2. The right to manage the server on the server itself.

how to add bot to discord server

In the absence of one or another role, you simply cannot add a bot. To check your Discord role, open the client. On the left side is the server, click on it. Next, do the following:

  1. On the right side of the list, click “Server Settings”.
  2. There is a button on the left “Roly”click on it
  3. Check out the available rights.
  4. If you have administrator rights, server management, you can add a bot.
  5. If there are no such permissions, send a message to the administrator, requesting that such roles be granted.

how to add bot to discord server

What are server bots – features of use

This type of robots is one of the most common in the network. They have accounts allocated to them, which are fundamentally different from user accounts, and operate mainly on servers. There are hundreds of server bots for Discord, each of them performs certain functions.

how to quickly add a bot to a discord server

Helper bots are engaged in different processes. Among them, you can find categories that will perform.

  • News collection.
  • Filter and remove spam that enters the channels.
  • They will play music, they are also called music bots.

They also have other functionality. You will have to install them from third-party resources, on which there are always many categories of bots.

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