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In the event that you wish to use such a text-to-speech system in the operation of the Discord application, first you will need to enable it on your entire servereither by configuring presets or adding a Bot to help you with the task.

You can choose to go to the user settings, then click on the notifications, being there the ‘Text to speech’ option will appear, if it does not work, then go back to user settings, then text and images, and, for last, ‘Text to speech’. Below we explain more details!


What is Discord’s famous ‘TTS’ Bot really for?

Text-to-speech conversion, reduced to TTS, is a system of speech synthesis that converts text into sound spoken. These systems are capable, in theory, of ‘reading’ any string of text characters.

This Bot actually types what you want to say, and supported by an automated robot-like voice, it will deliver that text for you. In the case of already having it activated, you just have to place /tts before writing what you want to say, for it to work.

How to change your voice through TTS on Discord?

Changing the voice through TTS is really its essence. In fact, this system is assisted with nicknames of people to choose the type of voice, so when you want to activate the text-to-speech capability of your browser or device, and you want a woman’s voice to sound, you place /tts ‘hello’ along with the user’s nickname.

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There is a variety of bots that indicate the type of nickname according to gender and language, this is what you must take into account when choosing the way you want to change your voice, or, on the contrary, if you want the default robotics.

It is important to note that if you log in to Discord from a browser, the browser will alter your voiceand this will be different depending on the type of browser you use, for example, the Google Chrome browser will have a different text voice than Mozilla Firefox.

What is the way to enable TTS for your entire Discord server?

Once you configure the presets, you will need to have TTS enabled for the entire Discord server, unless some channel or server requires you to manually enable permissions, in which case, if the text-to-speech option is available on that channel. , you just have to manage permissions in admin of the server.

If the server is yours, it is feasible to use the following method, which is: click on the gear icon next to the channel, the permissions button will appear there, and then a check mark button will appear at the end of the box in green color, you sink it and you will be accepting to send text to voice messages.

How can you configure the TTS Bot to Spanish if it is in another language?

Remembering that in addition to the default TTS that Discord brings, there are also other bots that will help you in this task, in fact, they bring more variety of options, such as the language configuration example.

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One of the most used bots is the KDBot, who provides more than a hundred voices in a chat, you just have to mention the Bot, write the chosen prefix next to the word ‘Default’ Miguel or Penélope (the two nicknames that reproduce Spanish), and thus, you will be changing the voice and the language that the Bot brings by default.

What can you do to easily disable the Bot on your Discord?

Just as you enable TTS on Discord, you also disable it, so two methods are explained in detail. The first method explains that you have to go to user settings, and in the menu on the left click on ‘Notifications’at the end you can locate the Text to Speech option, which will display three more options.

Namely, for all channels, it enables Text to Speech on all of them, regardless of whether they use the /tts prefix; for the currently selected channel, as the name suggests, it only enables Text to Speech on the channel you choose; and last, never, which completely disables the use of the Bot in your Discord, even if your friends have it and try to voice chat with you through TTS.

In the first method, you must click the ‘Never’ box on the left to disable and prevent messages converted into voice; Already in the second method, it is about deactivating the /tts prefix, before it, you will not be able to use it while the option is disabled.

configure notifications

You just have to repeat the same steps, go to your user settings with the gear icon, enter the panel, and click on the menu that appears on the left of the screen with the prayer of ‘Text and images’, you scroll until you read ‘Text to speech’this is where you can disable the option.

Do not forget to click on ‘Save changes’ when you finish customizing the configuration, what you will get when applying this method is that, if you use the /tts prefix, as it is disabled, the Bot will not convert the text you have written into voice .

It should be noted that the two methods are completely different from each other. This means that the TTS option in ‘Text and images’ is separate from the option in ‘Notifications’. So, in text and images, the TTS option is completely disabled on the server.

However, if a user disables and mutes notifications, as discussed in the first method, other members will still be able to receive their messages written for TTS regardless of your settings. So in the end you’re just disabling the feature for yourself.

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