How Discord works: What is it, where to download, main features

Every day there are more platforms that arise based on our need to communicate, few stand out for their ease of use and versatility such as Discord. But what is Discord?


What is Discord and what are the main functions it offers us?

Similar to Skype or slack, Discord is a chat application intended for online gamers. It is distinguished by functions such as the voice chat channel, the option to incorporate a musical bot, among others.

discord the best app for gamers

Chat while you play online

Thanks to the overlay feature, while the game is running in the background, you can open the different chats, search for friends and match with other members. pressing simultaneously Shift+’ after setting the game to overlay.

Make live broadcasts

Discord allows us to broadcast our games to a small audience thanks to the feature Go Live.

To broadcast on Go Live follow these steps:

  1. Click the TV button
  2. Select the screen you want to broadcast
  3. Select the voice channel you want to broadcast on
  4. Then click broadcast live and you are all set to show a broadcast to your desired audience

Explore in the diversity of your own store

The platform had its own paid subscription service for online games, called Nitro and was released in September 2018.
Unfortunately, the company terminated this service on October 15, 2019, due to low demand for the titles available, leaving Nitro as a premium feature, but without the catalog of games that it originally boasted.

What devices can I download the Discord gaming platform on?

As a result of its minimum requirements, this platform stands out for its versatility in terms of uses and compatible devices.

iOS and Android mobile devices

A matter of taste and comfort, you can install the application from your Android/iOS mobile and enjoy all the features by downloading it from the application store corresponding to your device.

Computers and tablets with various operating systems

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux and even an option to start from your computer’s browser, the platform makes it especially easy to use and accessible to all types of users.

How can I enable the ‘Keep me safe’ option to avoid sensitive content on Discord?

It is possible to activate this security option for sensitive content by configuring direct messaging, here we will guide you step by step.

  1. Sign in to Discord.
  2. Go to “User settings” by pressing the icon of your profile image in the lower right side
  3. Select where it says “Privacy and Security.”
  4. in the option secure direct messagingselect the option “Keep me safe” so that the platform analyzes all the content sent in the MDs you receive.

use discord safely and for free

What is the proprietary language that Discord uses internally in your app and how does each one work?

Text and voice channels

In each server there is by default a text channel and a voice channel, both with the name assigned by the platform. #Generalyou can edit them or keep the basic settings.

To cite an example, in the voice channel you can configure the maximum number of users connecting at the same time and assign a bit rate to maintain good communication quality, among others.

Nitro and the Premium subscription

Premium functionality gives us the ability to have our own custom Discord badge, upgrades to your server, increased upload limit, improved live streaming and other features for only $9.99 per month, or in its Nitro Classic version for $4.99.

The servers and their access

By selecting the compass icon, you can explore a wide variety of specialized servers in different categories such as:

Among others, it’s just a matter of finding the right server for you.

Go Live and Direct Message

Go Live you allows window screen sharing that we select in the application, or alternatively the entire screen on a server, by direct message or in a voice call. The advantage of direct message sharing is that it does not require any specific server and you can strictly control who sees your broadcast.

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