Google Chrome 96 breaks Instagram and Twitter elements on the web

Google released Chrome 96 this week and several users are complaining that the new version of the browser is causing problems on Discord, Instagram and Twitter. On the 240-character social network, the message that “something is wrong” appears when the platform tries to load notifications.

Google should eliminate third-party cookies only in 2023 (Image: Tati Tata/Flickr)
Google Chrome 96 causes bugs for Twitter, Instagram and Discord users (Image: Tati Tata/Flickr)

The Twitter bug also appears when users try to upload GIFs; some photos don’t load, while videos can’t play. In these cases the platform shows the same message: “something went wrong”.

Instagram and Discord also had bugs when uploading photos and videos. The audio chat platform was slow for some users, and the loading icon was not appearing in the right place.

Google recognizes bug and says it should fix it

If these bugs happened to you, calm down. Google said in an official Chromium post that it is aware of the problems caused by Chrome 96. Company officials are already investigating what at first may have caused this instability.

“We are constantly receiving complaints from users about this pattern of behavior, including feedback from our social team,” commented Google Product Manager Craig Tumblinson.

The company described some user solutions to solve the problem. It seems that the problems generated by Chrome 96 are related to the new policy to embed links in social networks. This is one of the changes that comes with the update — the company says that the new way of embedding reduces the capture of user data by third-party sites.

How to fix Google Chrome 96 bug

To resolve the bugs, the technoblog recommends that users disable Google Chrome 96’s new policy of embedding links. This can be done by entering the following link in the browser’s own search bar:


The user must connect to the experimental features part of Chrome. Then he should click on the “default/enable/disable” button and click on the last option to disable the feature.

Following the link above, user can disable feature that causes bugs on Twitter and Instagram (Image: Reproduction)

Chrome will ask the user to restart the browser. So the new configuration should appear the next time the person enters the program.

If this part of the update is causing the issues on Discord, Instagram, and Twitter, Google will likely disable the feature in an update. At least, until the bugs are fixed.

Below is a YouTube tutorial that shows how simple the process is. However, it is in English.

YouTube video

Video explains step by step how to solve problems generated by Google Chrome 96 (Video: Windows, computers and Technology/ YouTube)

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