Google Assistant allows you to read WhatsApp and Telegram messages

Google Assistant got a little more complete and became able to read messages from third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack and Discord. Until then, he could only indicate what had arrived via SMS and Hangouts.

Google Assistant

Images: Android Police

Apparently, the novelty is not yet available in Brazil. In countries where it has already been released, it only takes a command like “read my messages” for them to be revealed aloud by the Google Assistant.

To check unread messages, it will ask for permission to access your notifications. Then the content will be displayed in a kind of carousel. The most recent messages will be read first, with details on which app they were sent from.

Only text messages are accessible. On the other hand, those that include audio, video or photo lead to warnings like “message contains only an audio attachment” and cannot be played by Google Assistant.

After reading the messages, the tool offers the option to reply to them directly. You can use the field that appears on the screen and type the message or new voice commands and dictate what will be sent to someone else.

It is worth remembering that, despite not being able to read messages received in applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram, Google Assistant already allowed you to create messages for them. The novelty helps to increase the integration between the Google tool and messengers.

With information: Android Police, 91Mobiles.

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