Discord Voice Changer-How to change voice on discord [Text-to-Speech]

Discord Voice Changer-How to change voice on discord-Discord has a feature of Text-to-Speech (TTS) which allows you to send and listen to text messages sent by the service as voice. It is possible to change the style of the narrator or narrator as the user wants. See how to change voice in Discord on any operating system or browser, for those who use the web version.

Discord Voice Changer

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What is Text-to-Speech (TTS)?

Text-to-Speech (TTS), or Text to Speech, is a program that converts written text into speech. Such software uses pre-recorded voice fragments or electronic sounds to simulate the human voice.

For example, Apple VoiceOver is a TTS feature on the iPhone, iPad and Mac that reads text displayed on the screens of those devices. TTS software is especially useful for visually impaired people.

How to change voice on Discord Voice Changer

Discord has a TTS feature that allows you to send text messages as voice, and also listen to other users’ messages. The voice used by the software is the system’s default, for those who use the apps, or the browser, for those who access the service via the web.

To send a voice message on Discord, type “/tts message” (without quotes) and send. The feature can be turned off by the channel admin or the user if he doesn’t want to hear messages from others.

To change your Discord voice, you will need to access your user system settings.

On Windows 10

Windows 10 Speech Settings (Image: Microsoft/Playback)

Windows 10 Speech Settings (Image: Microsoft/Playback)

  1. Click on the Windows Menu, “Settings”;
  2. Click on “Time and language”, “Speech”;
  3. Under “Voices”, select the voice you want to use;
  4. To use the voice of another language, install it in “Manage voices”,
    “Add voices”, change the language and then select the desired voice.

on macOS

macOS Speech Settings (Image: Apple/Playback)

macOS Speech Settings (Image: Apple/Playback)

  1. Click on the Apple Menu (the apple icon), “System Preferences”;
  2. Click on “Accessibility”, “Speak”;
  3. Select the voice in “System Voice”;
  4. For more voices, click “Advanced” and select other voices, or change language for more options.

On iOS (iPhone, iPad)

iOS Speech Settings (Image: Apple/Playback)

iOS Speech Settings (Image: Apple/Playback)

  1. Open the “Settings” app;
  2. Tap “Accessibility”, “Spoken Content”, “Voices”;
  3. Select the language and voice you want to use.

on android

Android Speech Settings (Image: Google/Playback) / How to change voice in Discord

Android Speech Settings (Image: Google/Playback)

  1. Open the “Settings” app;
  2. Tap on “Language & Input”.
    Depending on the manufacturer, this menu may be inside another,
    as “General management” (Samsung);
  3. Tap on “Reading Text” or equivalent option;
  4. Tap the gear next to “Favorite engine”;
  5. Select the desired mechanism among those available;
  6. For more voices, tap “Language” and change the voice language, then select the engine.

And in the web version?

Each browser has a different TTS reader, voices also vary. If you use Discord on the web and want to change your voice, the simplest way is to use other browsers.

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