Discord starts selling games and becomes a competitor of Steam

Discord starts selling games-Recently, Steam started working with its own chat system, to try to stop the success that Discord had. Now, the video and text chat platform has started testing the ability to also sell games and thus make Valve even more concerned.

Discord starts selling games-Competition on Steam

The announcement took place this Thursday (9) on the official Discord blog, with the store in the testing phase and with 50,000 Canadian users who will be registered randomly. Testers will be chosen from a lottery within the Nitro part, which is where the service costs US$ 4.99, or approximately R$ 19.25 and allows some extras, such as avatar and animated emojis and improvement in online streaming.

Discord starts selling games

The store will be organized by company employees, who will choose some games to be highlighted and others, less exciting, further down. In addition to games like Saints Row: The Third, Metro: Last Light Redux and Super Meat Boythe Discord store will be working with some exclusive indie titles for 90 days – which can be quite flashy to attract more shoppers and irritate Steam even more.

An interesting point is that the platform will focus more on friendship than on selling games. This means that if a user has purchased the game in the store, he will be able to chat with someone else who has the game purchased in other ways – whether it’s an online purchase or the physical media of the title.

Discord has 150 million registered users and Nitro subscribers will have a different library of games. The company has not yet said what the difference is and whether these people will be able to have early access to any game.

It’s still too early to say that Steam’s days are numbered, but the recent stampede of companies such as Bethesda and the developers’ own stores, such as EA and Blizzard, could be a sign that Valve no longer has the same strength from before.

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