How to Discord music bot Spotify

How to discord music bot spotify- Discord, a program focused on conversations via text and audio, offers integration with different services. Spotify is one of them — users can show in their Discord status what they are listening to while streaming. Furthermore, with the help of a bot, it is also possible to put songs to play on discord servers. See in this tutorial how to activate each of the options.

How to put music on Spotify (Image: Giorgio Trovato/Unsplash)
How to put music on Spotify (Image: Giorgio Trovato/Unsplash)

Spotify discord bot-How to put Spotify music on discord

It is necessary to install a bot — which works like a mini program — to play music within a server. There are different options with this function, but in this case, I will use Hydra. With it installed, members can activate different Spotify features within Discord. Follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Discord Bot List After opening a new window in your browser, access the link; on the site you can find several bots for Discord, including Hydra;
  2. Search for “Hydra In the search field, at the top of the site, type “Hydra” and press enter;Discord Bot List search field
  3. add the bot In the results list, Hydra will appear; in the options that appear below it, click on “Add bot” and then “Add Hydra”;Add bot button
  4. Authorize and add the bot to a Discord server On the page that will open, choose the server where the bot will be added — remembering that you need to be an administrator for this — and click “Continue” to allow Hydra access to your account; then confirm the bot’s permissions and select “Authorize”. If you want to add the bot to more than one server, you will need to repeat the process;Adding the Bot to a Discord Server
  5. Activate the bot To play music on Discord with the help of Hydra, join a voice call and type “.play” (without the quotes) and the link or name of the song. The bot will join the call and play the selected song. The feature also works for music on YouTube.How to put music on discord

Also, if you want to import a Spotify playlist to play on the server, for example, just open the playlist in the Spotify app, click on the three dots > Share > Copy playlist link. Then, just go back to the Discord chat and type “-play” (without the quotes) + the URL of the playlist.

Hydra also has other features such as displaying the lyrics or details of the song being played. To find out what the commands are and how to activate them, send a message to your server with the text “.help”

How to show on Discord what you’re listening to

This one is for those who want to listen to music through Spotify itself and not Discord. No need to install any bot, just connect the two services.

By integrating the two platforms and activating the “Listening to Spotify” option in your Discord status, your friends can see what song you are currently listening to, just like MSN.

  1. Log in to Discord via browser
    In the browser, access the link, click on “Enter”, at the top of the screen, and log in;How to login to Discord
  2. Go to “Settings”
    Click on “User Settings” (gear icon) in the lower left menu;Access "settings" on discord
  3. Connect Spotify
    Click “Connections”, select the Spotify icon and log in to your music streaming account;Connecting Spotify on Discord
  4. Confirm the integration
    Read the permissions that Discord will be granted in relation to Spotify and, if you agree, click “I Accept”.

After that, whenever you are listening to something on the streaming service, Discord will show the status “Listening to Spotify”. If they click on the status, they can see what song is playing.

You can disable this option whenever you want, just follow the steps:

  1. Click on “User Settings” > “Connections”;
  2. Uncheck “Display Spotify as your status”.

To reactivate, simply re-check the box. If you prefer to completely disconnect Spotify from Discord, click the X and then “Disconnect”.

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