How to use Discord Go Live and make live broadcasts

Discord Go Live and make live broadcasts Discord is an application widely used by gamers to chat with other players, create groups for cooperative matches and more. Another interesting feature is being able to broadcast your gameplay live, using the Go Live feature on Discord, to up to 10 friends at a time. See how to do it.

 Discord Go Live

It is worth noting that it is only possible to use Discord live through the app for computers that have Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed. In addition to games, you can also broadcast various types of content. The procedure is the same.

How to add a game to the stream

First of all, in order to stream it (in the case of games) it is necessary that the chosen game is recognized by the Discord game detection system. If it doesn’t show up, you’ll need to add it like this:

  1. Start the game you want normally;
  2. With the game running, open the application on the desktop;
  3. Go to User Settings;
  4. In the left side menu that opens, select “Game Activity”;
  5. Click on the “Add it” option;
  6. Now write the name of the game and click on “Add game”.
discord live

If you really can’t find the game in question, even by manually searching, you won’t be able to use the live streaming feature.

Discord Go Live-How to use Discord’s Go Live

To live stream, make sure to enable “Streamer Mode” in User Settings > Streamer Mode > Enable Streamer Mode.

With the game already selected and detected by the app, and with the streamer mode activated, it’s time to start your live. Follow the steps:

  1. When returning to the chat, you will notice that the chosen game is in the lower-left corner of the window (just above your name);
  2. Click on the button, in monitor format, next to the name of the game (as shown in the following image);discord live
  3. When you do, a window will open informing you that your transmission is about to start;
  4. In the same window, click on “Live”, to start, and choose which screen you want to display (choose the game’s screen, in this case);
  5. Your friends will receive an invitation to “Join the broadcast” and will be able to see the stream, listen to the game’s audio and even chat with you;
  6. It is worth remembering that the viewer of your live will be able to configure their own experience by changing the volume, stop watching, report any errors, separate the video in another window (to continue using the chat) and also invite other people.
discord live

You can also change the quality of your live stream in the small preview window that appears during the broadcast (when the game is not in focus). Hover over it and change the resolution from the available options.

Important: Due to COVID-19, Discord’s Go Live limit has been temporarily increased from 10 to 50 people. As it is not known how long this action will last… Enjoy!

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