Discord finally lets you exchange text messages on voice channels

The voice channels discord are great, but the absence of a dedicated chat is a very uncomfortable situation. Fortunately, this is a problem of the past: the platform will allow the exchange of messages in calls without having to resort to a text channel. The news was announced by the messenger team this Wednesday (1).

Discord (Image: Toshiyuki IMAI/Flickr)
Discord (Image: Toshiyuki IMAI/Flickr)

The update slightly changes the logic of the conferencing tool. For context, currently, when making a call, you need to resort to text channels to send a written message, GIF and the like. Therefore, it is normal for servers to have a conversation area with the same name as a voice channel to monitor calls.

This is one of the main complaints from users. But the company said it will implement a text chat in the call channels. The idea is to offer something similar to what already exists in Google Meet and Zoom: a built-in chat to send links or even interact, in case your microphone is not working, for example.

Discord voice channels get text chat (Image: Playback)
Discord voice channels get text chat (Image: Playback)

Chat on Discord Voice Channels Will Support GIFs

Chat will work within voice channels. When opening the conference page, simply click on the message icon in the upper right corner to access the chat. Afterwards, users will be able to chat normally, with the option to send GIFs, attachments and the like, as in any Discord text channel.

“You can also check out a voice channel chat without joining the call itself, in case you want to remember that link everyone laughed at,” they announced. “Just hover over the voice channel and press the Chat button.” In addition, users are able to apply moderation controls.

The feature will be released for free. According to Discord, since Wednesday (1), servers that have not become a community will be able to automatically access chat on voice channels. “Servers that have ‘Community’ mode enabled can opt in to text chat over voice channels,” they said.

The news will hit all servers on June 29, putting an end to the discord with users (pardon the pun).

With information: Discord (Blog) and Engadget

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