How to Customize Telegram App on iPhone and Android

How to set up Telegram in the best way, so that it is convenient to use, pleasant to communicate? The messenger has the widest functionality, so you can set the parameters in detail for comfortable work!


Download Telegram and registration

No matter how trite it may sound, Telegram setup begins with installation! Until you download the messenger, the options described below will not become available. So let’s get started downloading the app!

You can download the messenger for free (it is adapted into Russian) on your computer and smartphone.

  • macOS – look for the app of the same name in the App Store;
  • Windows – go to the official website and download from the link;
  • Android – the desired program is available in the Google Play Store;
  • iPhone – the messenger can be downloaded through Epstor.

How to Customize Telegram App on iPhone and Android

The official website has links for all operating systems and devices (not just Windows).

To download, just click on the appropriate button and wait for the application to download. Now we pick up a smartphone and start the first and most important Telegram setup, create a profile (or go to an account).

  • Click on the button “Continue in Russian”if there is one, then click on the icon “Get Started”;
  • Enter the phone number in a special window and wait for an SMS with a confirmation code, which must also be entered in the field that opens;
  • Give the system permission to access the contact book, microphone and camera – prompts will appear on the screen automatically.

If you did not have an account before, a window for entering your first and last name will appear on the screen. If the profile is already registered to the corresponding phone number, this step will automatically be skipped.

And now let’s move on to the advanced Telegram settings! The account has been created, you need to work on important parameters and personalize the profile.

Messenger settings

Finding the menu you need is quite simple – on iPhone you will see a gear on the bottom panel, Telegram settings on Android are in the menu on the left, just click on the icon with three stripes. The functionality described below is generally the same on both operating systems.

basic settings

Let’s start with the name, avatar and nickname? This is the cover of your profile, something that immediately catches your eye. It is by your photo and name that you will be recognized, you will be contacted. Open settings.

Click on the edit button in the top right corner on the main Telegram settings screen. A new menu will open:

  • Click on the circle with the camera icon to upload a photo – you can choose an option from the gallery or take a picture with the built-in camera;
  • Under the avatar there are lines for the first and last name – you can indicate real or fictitious information (the last name can be left blank);
  • Below is a field “About Me”. Here you can enter personal information – city of residence, age, area of ​​work interests, data on hobbies or other interesting details;
  • In field “Username” you can choose a nickname. This is a unique name starting with the character @it serves for quick search and identification.

In the same section, you can change the attached phone number and add a new account to the old number, but so far you are unlikely to need these functions.


Immediately go to the “Language” tab, if you have not previously changed it to Russian – and select the desired value!


The next step in setting up Telegram is the section “Confidentiality”. Give him special attention!

You can choose who will see:

  • Phone number
  • Last activity (when you logged in)
  • Profile photo
  • Who can call
  • Who will forward messages
  • Who can invite to groups and channels

Set up user groups for each option separately! Choose who will or will not have access to certain activities.

In this tab, you can add a cloud password for two-factor authentication or set a passcode to enter the application.

Below you will see an icon. “Contacts”. Enter the menu, it is important for the correct Telegram settings.

  • Activate the contact synchronization option if you want the data from the phone book to be transferred to the messenger;
  • Turn on the option to suggest people when searching to quickly see the users you write to often in the search results.


The next part of the answer to the question of how to set up Telegram in the best way will be the most interesting. You can work on the design! Open a tab “Chat Settings”

Now get started:

  • Choose from pre-installed themes or create your own color palette;
  • Download a background for chats from the gallery or use the built-in library;
  • Define the text size, the corners of the blocks with messages and enable/disable the night theme;
  • You can even change the app icon if you want.

But that’s not all! You want to know how to customize Telegram for yourself, so you can’t ignore the section “Notifications”. For comfortable work in the messenger, it is vital to choose the right notification settings.

You can independently determine what sound will be played for incoming messages from chats, groups and channels. You can set up exclusions for each group.

You can also control the counter on the icon – it depends on your decision whether you will see the number of new messages.

If you know how to set up Telegram, you will enjoy every minute of using the messenger. Believe me, this is a really cool and functional application, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to study it!

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