How to change text color in discord

How to change text color in discord-Discord is one of the most used group environments, whether by friends gamers or remote work teams. See below, how to write in color on discord and practice other text formatting, to make your messages stand out or simply make them your own.


Discord colored text-How to change text color in discord

change text color in discord
It is not a work of art, but it is possible to write with color on Discord. (Image: Discord Facebook / Disclosure)

Discord colors text-Basic Formatting in Discord

As basic formatting, we call those found in any text editor which are: bold, italic, underline, strikeout and variations.

Italic (Italic)

To write italicized text in Discord, add an asterisk

*Asterisco deixa o texto em itálico no Discord*

before and after the target text. The asterisk is “Shift + 8” on your regular keyboard.

Bold (Bold)

**Dois asteriscos deixam o texto em negrito no Discord**

To write bold text in Discord, place two asterisks (**) at the beginning and end of the text. Press “Shift + 8” keys on keyboard for asterisk.

Bold + Italic (Bold + Italic)

***texto teste!*** em negrito e itálico no Discord

To write with both formats, add the third asterisk (***) before and after the text.


~~texto teste!~~ riscado no Discord

It can be quite fun to write with the “strikethrough” as an ironic form of self-censorship.  To write the strikethrough, add two
screenshot strikethrough text discord

Example crossed out text on discord. (Image: Amanda Machado / Reproduction)

Underline (Underline) To underline text in Discord, you need to add two underscores (__) at the beginning and end of the message. The underscore or underscore

__texto teste!__ sublinhado no Discord

is entered by pressing the “Shift + minus (-)” key on the keyboard.

It has become easier to bold, underline, italicize and strike out the text. For the next step, add the different symbols (asterisks, underscores and tildes) to tie the shapes together!

How to use symbols without generating formatting

\_\_\*\*\texto teste!\*\*\_\_ no Discord

We can ask ourselves: what if I want to send the asterisk itself without formatting? This is a good question, but the solution is also simple. To skip formatting in Discord, we must use the backslash before each character.

Detail: If you already have backslashes at the beginning of the text, you can ignore them at the end. The result will be the same. Remember that in order to format, symbols must open and close the text, if the first side has been undone, the rest will not be formatted. In case you don’t have underscore

(_) in your text, a single backslash is required at the beginning of the text.

how to write in color

Color formatting in Discord is far from perfect. In some text styles, your message needs to be interconnected. However, it is not the same in all languages. Being interconnected for example is: “testtext” or “test_text”.

Why does it happen?  It's because we're coding in a programming language and exploiting syntax highlighting to color the text.  In some cases, colors are stored in a variable, which cannot contain spaces.
screenshot code red text discord

Example of colored writing on Discord. (Image: Leandro Kovacs / Reproduction)

On Discord, you must indicate a specific language by typing its name. You can select from several languages ​​that Discord supports to highlight text.


  • In Diff, red highlighting is the simplest. ```All you need to do is define a code block ;with three backticks
  • ;
  • Diff (language name);

- texto em vermelho

Add a single dash (-) before the statement.
screenshot red text discord

Example of colored writing on Discord. (Image: Leandro Kovacs / Reproduction)


  • Here’s how to apply CSS syntax highlighting to red (which is orange). ```Define a code block
  • ;
  • CSS (language name); [ ] add a square bracket

[texto laranja]

before and after the statement or word.


  • Syntax highlighting in yellow is straightforward in Fix. You can even write a multi-line declaration without any extra symbols. ```Define a code block
  • ;
  • Fix(language name);

texto teste

Write your declaration in the code block.


  • Green syntax highlighting is the same as red highlights in Diff. The only difference is that a plus sign (+) is used instead of a minus sign (-). ```Define a code block
  • ;
  • Diff (language name);

+ texto verde

Add a plus sign (+) before the statement.
screenshot green text discord

Example green text on Discord. (Image: Amanda Machado / Reproduction)

Yellow (Apache)

  • Yellow syntax highlighting with Apache is a bit tricky. You cannot write the declaration normally. It is necessary to add connection symbols (such as underscore) to write a message. ```Define a code block
  • ;
  • Apache (language name);
  • Add a percent symbol (%) along with the braces before and after each statement;


Spaces cannot be used between each word. Each space is replaced by underscores (_) in the sentence.

Green (CSS)

  • The green syntax in CSS is straightforward. Just define a code block, name the language and start typing your message. ```Define a code block
  • ;
  • CSS (language name);

texto verde

Start writing your message in the code block.

Light green (Bash and JSON)

  • Green syntax highlighting in bash only requires the phrase to be enclosed in quotes. ```Define a code block
  • ;
  • Bash (language name);

“texto em verde claro ou piscina com Bash”

“texto em verde com JSON”

Enclose your message in quotation marks (“).THE

blue (INI)

  • The syntax of highlighting blue in INI is the same as red highlighting in CSS. All you need is to add square brackets before and after the declaration. ```Define a code block
  • ;
  • ini (language name);

[texto em azul com INI]
Enclose your message in square brackets.

Now, we already know how to format all messages on the platform, including how to write in color in Discord. Start having fun sending different messages to your friends or co-workers. With information:discord ,

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