How to add roles in discord server

How to add roles in discord-Larger Discord communities may need their own configuration structure, as not all users on the same server need access to the same channels or functions. know how to add roles in the discord server and better organize your servers.

add roles in discord server

How to add roles in discord

Access to channels and certain features on Create Discord servers is controlled by permissions, which are assigned to roles and can apply either at the level of each channel or for the entire server.

To structure your server, start by creating the roles that members should have. Each role must have a name, a set of permissions, and a set of members. You can also assign colors to positions to better identify them in the member list, in addition to other settings.

To create a position:

  1. Right-click on the server;
  2. Choose “Config. Server”, then “Positions”;
  3. Click on “+”, next to the Jobs list;
  4. With the role created, assign the permissions, at the server level, that you think are necessary (such as being able to add, expel or ban members, send messages in text chats, access to voice channels, etc.);
  5. Click on “Save Changes”.
add roles in discord

How to assign roles in Discord

It’s no use having multiple positions if there’s no one in them. After structuring your server, you can individually add members to each role, and each member can have more than one role assigned to them.

  1. Access the server settings;
  2. Click on “Members”;
  3. Click the “+” button next to the username and choose the job title.

All members of a server have the default role @everyone. Remember to also correctly configure the permissions for this role.

There is no need to assign a role or permissions to the server creator as he has access to all Discord management features.

add roles in discord

How to assign channel permissions

You can also assign specific permissions to a channel, either text or voice. They will override server permissions on that channel.

  1. Select the channel;
  2. Click on the “gear” button next to the channel name;
  3. Click on “Permissions”;
  4. You can add members or positions by clicking the “+” button next to “Positions/Members”;
  5. Release or block the functions by checking the options in the checkboxes (green tick indicates that the permission is active; red, that it is blocked).

Discord is a great internet communication tool. Having a well-configured server can be the missing differential to attract more users to your community!

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