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Discord emoji Maker-Emojis are so integrated into the way we communicate over the internet that we can even program with them. On Discord, an online chat software very popular among gamers, it couldn’t be different. know how to put emojis on discord and express your feelings with friendly yellow faces.

Discord emoji
How to put emoji on discord. (Image: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash)

Discord emoji Maker with Meme Online

Emojis in Discord chat work simply:

  1. Click on the “Emoji Picker” In the right corner of the text bar, on the emoji icon, click on it;screenshot emojis discord
  2. choose the Discord emoji A small window will open with all the emojis available. Choose the one you want to send and click on them. They are organized into the ones you use most often, the ones unique to the servers you’re on, and the default emojis. You can also filter for certain emojis using the Emoji Picker search bar. It is also possible to select multiple emojis at the same time by holding the key “Shift” and clicking with the left mouse button.screenshot sending emoji discord
  3. Click “Enter” On your computer keyboard, click “Enter” to send the chosen emoji.

Okay, it’s pretty simple. But it’s important to note that if the emoji is grayed out, it means you can’t use it in active chat at the moment. It may be that it is unique to another server, or you are not authorized to post it in the current chat.

Nitro or Nitro Classic service subscribers can use all emojis they have access to on any server.

How to add a custom emoji

If you own a server on Discord or have permission to manage emojis, you can add up to 50 custom emojis for you and all server users to use:

  1. Go to “Config. of the server”
    On the arrow icon next to the server name, click “Config. of the server”;
    screenshot discord server settings
  2. Click on “Emoji”
    On the left side menu, click “Emoji”;
    screenshot add custom emoji discord
  3. Click “Send emoji”
    On the blue button that appears, click “Send emoji”;
  4. Select the emoji on your computer
    By clicking on “Send emoji” you will be able to select it from a folder on your computer. Then just follow the instructions below, not forgetting to give a “Surname” for the emoji.

Important: the emoji name (or nickname) must be at least 2 characters long. The image must be up to 128×128 pixels in size, and the file must be smaller than 256kb.

As with other emojis, Discord Nitro subscribers can use their custom emojis on any server.

How to add reaction emojis

Another way to use yellow faces on Discord is in post reactions. Just move the mouse over the message and click on the icon “Add reaction”, in the right corner. It is also possible to add a reaction by right clicking on the message and selecting “Add reaction”.

How to put emoji Discord / Diego Melo / Playback

You can add more than one reaction to the post and you can also select more than one at the same time by holding down the key “Shift” by clicking on the emoji.

The same rules for accessing custom emojis or emojis from other servers apply to reaction emojis.

(And if you’re interested in programming using emojis, Emojicode is one of the available languages. 😉)

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